3 things to know about David Robert

At Moryarty, we love posters, but we love the stories of the artists behind them even more. Discover 3 things to know about David Robert (1796-1864)

  1. The first Anglo-Saxon artist to go to Egypt

“I am the first artist, at least English, to have come here” wrote David Robert in his diary, on his arrival in Egypt, after two months of travel. This Scottish painter, known for his watercolor drawings of the Middle East, documented the scenes of villages, buildings, temples, and other major sites of the time... His discoveries and his wonder are felt in his works, where the light and size are very worked.

  1. He was born the same year as the invention of lithogravure (in 1796).
    A sign ? Maybe ! He who started as a house painter, before becoming a theater decorator, then a painter, has more than 240 lithographs among his works, made from his sketches and watercolors.

  1. A well-recommended painter

“It is abroad that one learns painting” would have whispered to him… William Turner! Valuable advice, which may have shaped his work and contributed to inscribing it in posterity!

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