Amanda Almira Newton

Often, discovering the history of a work can give it a whole new meaning. This is the case for the illustrations by Amanda Almira Newton. As trendy as her images are, this illustrator was born over 160 years ago!

Equally improbable: she was drawing for the government!

Amanda Almira Newton was a botanical illustrator for the United States Department of Agriculture. At the time, the photo was not yet widespread. She therefore documented the species of fruits, nuts, and new natural specimens, by hand! His watercolors (more than 1200) represent with unique meticulousness the diversity of varieties of the time.

Her work, as realistic as it is aesthetic, is kept in the Ministry's "Pomological Watercolor Collection", a botanical illustration fund of which she is one of the main contributors.

Where to put them at home?

Posters of Citrus Sinensis, Prunus persica, Fragaria - oranges, peaches, and plums, in more common parlance ;) - will add life and color to the kitchen, bathroom, or living room ..